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quickly search for the most popular artists

Searching Tips for this Website

Using the website search engines

We have 2 main search engines on this website, the advanced search page, ( the "old" system ), and the new Faster, more accurate, more flexible google search engine page. We also have a list of artists with more than 4 cds, and separate lists for men and women artists.

Finding a Song by Song name

The fastest way to zoom in on finding a particular song is to first search for the song name ( or part of the name), on our search page. Click here to open the search Page.

Below you can see an example of a search. If you don't get the results you need, use the quotes, find the artists that have the song, and then search those artists to find the disc you want to buy. You may decide to buy an artist disc or a mixed compilation, its up to you.

Make sure you use quotes around your multi-word searches as seen below. You can use search phrases with quotes or without or mix it up. The main thing is you don't need to leave the page until you see what u want, and save time!

search example

Using The OLD search system

The old, original search system is still there if you wish to use it. The single search box is gone but you can use the "advanced search Page".  This is a slow search engine and you will be presented with a large list of discs and their song lists. We recommend you use the new search engine page.

Finding Artists By Name using the "Artist Search" page

This page will allow you to search by an artist name. All artists are not in the list but it is quite extensive.

The Artist search Page allows you to locate all the CDs we have for a particular Artist, and then you can search the song list for the songs you want.

  1. Click The link above, and navigate there.
  2. As seen below, In the left hand box you can choose the "artists and Bands"
  3. In the Right hand box choose an Artist or Band Name
  4. Click the blue + (plus) button
  5. Click the "Send Button", which will start the search
  6. Now you can use your browser search feature to find a song name. (see below for instructions)

Finding Popular Artists by their Name in a list

Every Artist that has more than 3 discs in our catalog are listed here on Artist Search Page. You can see this button in the Left Column on any Page.This list is generally a little lagging behind but we work hard to keep the list up!

Finding Artists by browsing in Genre categories

When inside Music Categories there can be long lists. Artists that have more than 3 Discs have their own sub category and can be seen at the top of the page. Click on one of these sub-categories to see all of the discs for that Artist or Band. Use your Backspace arrow on your keyboard to go back, or you can use the browser "Back"arrow button.

If you have a particular artist or Band in mind when trolling through the music categories, you will often see a new menu at the top right side of the web page. (seen at right) This menu is titled "NARROW BY". This filter menu will allow you to search for Artists and Bands by name. Simply click the "VIEW MORE" link to see all of the Artists in the list. Scroll down the list and when you find an artist you want to check out, just click their name. You can start over and see the full list again, just click the same name again, the blue button that says " - ".

Popup info boxes on product lists

If you are in a list, you can put your mouse pointer over a product name, brown link, and it will make a box spring up and show you an image of the product, The SKU number, The Price and some other info.

New Feature! Recently viewed products

While you are going about your business, if you open any product detail pages, that page is recorded and saved into a menu in the right hand column at the top, or below a "Filter By" Menu. You can delete them all by clicking on the "Clear List" link.

Using the Search Filter Fields on Product detail Pages

These search fields are seen at the bottom of each product above the price and "Add To Cart" Buttons. If you click this button you will be given a list of all of the discs by that Artist, or of that format or of that series.

Using your Browser to Search Long Song Lists

When a search is performed, or you are browsing categories, you will often have a huge song list to search that can make you bleary eyed if you do it too long. There is an easier way to search the song list with your browser. Thats right let the browser do the work. To do it simply:

  • Using the top menu on your browser, choose EDIT > FIND. ( or Control + F on windows) ( or command + F on MACS)
    • FIREFOX: The search box will appear at the bottom left of your screen. type in your search and click the highlight all button to see any and all of the word you are searching as you scroll the page up and down.
    • INTERNET EXPLORER : The search box will pop-up, so add your search word and click "NEXT". It won't let you highlight them so just go to the NEXT or PREVIOUS word.
    • CHROME : The search Box will appear at the top right corner of your browser window. Again, you cannot highlight all the words , just use UP and DOWN arrows. (up and down the page)
    • SAFARI: Safari adds a grey bar at the top of the browser with a search box at the far top right. Again, you cannot highlight all the words , just use left and right arrows. (up and down the page)

The page you requested either is no longer available or access to it has been restricted.
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