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Irish Karaoke Songs

Irish Karaoke Songs
Saint Patrick's day (Saint Patty's Day) is an international religious and cultural holiday celebrated on march 17. Saint Patrick's day is a celebration of Saint Patrick, a Catholic Patron Saint of Ireland, and the arrival of Catholicism in Ireland. It is celebrated by most Christian churches around the globe. Wearing of shamrocks and other green attire is the most popular way to recognize the day. Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador and on the island of Montserrat.
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Irish karaoke music CDG CDs 12 Multiplex Traditionl Irish Karaoke Songs on Karaoke Disc CB40360+A523

This Multiplex Karaoke Disc has 6 tracks with lead vocals and 6 tracks withoout.

  1. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  2. Cockles & Mussels
  3. Danny Boy
  4. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  5. My Wild Irish Rose
  6. Galway Bay
You Save: $6.00 (32%)
Irish Ballads Karaoke CDG CDs 18 Traditional Irish Karaoke Songs
Includes; "A Mother's Love is a Blessing" - First Time on Karaoke
Euro Karaoke Series Disc EK005

  1. A Mothers Love Is A Blessing
  2. Bantry Bay
  3. Carrickfergus
  4. Peggy Gordon
  5. Come Back To Erin
  6. Cottage In Old Donegal
  7. Gentle Mother
  8. Ireland My Home
  9. Irish Lullaby
  10. How Can You Buy Killarney
  11. I Am A Rover
  12. Mother Macree
  13. Old Skiberdeen
  14. Rose Of Killarney
  15. She Moved Through The Fair
  16. The Boys Of County Armagh
  17. Star Of The County Down
  18. Suil A Ruin
You Save: $3.55 (15%)
Irish Ballads Karaoke CDG CDs 18 Traditional Irish Karaoke Songs
Includes; "A Mother's Love is a Blessing" - First Time on Karaoke
Euro Series Karaoke Disc EK0006

  1. If Your Irish Come Into The Parlor
  2. Hills Of Connemara
  3. Mountains Of Mourne
  4. With My Shillalagh Under My Arm
  5. Come Back Paddy Reilly
  6. Courting In The Kitchen
  7. Isle Of Innisfree
  8. It's A Long Way To Tipperary
  9. Let Him Go Let Him Tarry
  10. Harrigan
  11. Hi For The Beggardman
  12. On Mother Kellys Doorstep
  13. Paddy lie Back
  14. Boston Burglar
  15. Slatters Mounted Foot
  16. Phil The Fluters Ball
  17. The Gem Of The Roe
  18. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
You Save: $3.55 (15%)
Karaoke music on CDG Karaok disks. 18 Irish Karaoke songs.
  1. The Dubliners Karaoke - Black Velvet Band
  2. Danny Boy
  3. Galway Bay
  4. The Rose Of Tralee
  5. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  6. The Fields Of Athenry
  7. Wild Rover
  8. Molly Malone (Cockles & Mussels)
  9. Finnegans Wake
  10. The Wild Colonial Boy
  11. Gypsy Rover
  12. The Woolftones Karaoke - The Wearin' Of The Green
  13. St Patrick's Day
  14. Irish Molly 'O
  15. Lanigans Ball
  16. Delores Keane Karaoke - The Island
  17. Paddy McGinty's Goat
  18. Dear Old Donegal
You Save: $3.55 (15%)
Irish Traditional Favorites CDG CDs, 23 Multiplex Irish Songs
Pocket Songs 2 disc set PSCDG1210 - One with vocals and one instrumental

  1. My Wild Irish Rose
  2. Galway Bay
  3. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
  4. Cockles and Mussels
  5. The Isle of Innisfree
  6. The Minstrel Boy
  7. Danny Boy
  8. McNamara's
  9. Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?
  10. Dear Old Donegal
  11. The Rose of Tralee
  12. Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?
  13. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  14. Whiskey In The Jar
  15. The Gypsy Rover
  16. The Mountains of Mourne
  17. The Wild Rover
  18. A Little Bit of Heaven
  19. Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels)
  20. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral
  21. The Black Velvet Band
  22. The Spinning Wheel
  23. The Wild Colonial Boy
1  Can I Play With Madness 
2  Different World 
3  Run To The Hills 
4  The Evil That Men Do 
5  The Number Of The Beast 
6  Two Minutes To Midnight 
Irish Song Favorites Karaoke CD G 15 Top Hits Irish cd+g THMI001
    15 Irish selections and every one a hit

  1. The Unicorn - - The Irish Rovers
  2. Danny Boy
  3. Dear Old Donegal
  4. Cockles & Mussels
  5. Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady
  6. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  7. MacNamara's Band
  8. It's A Great Day For The Irish
  9. My Wild Irish Rose
  10. Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
  11. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  12. Wearin' O' The Green
  13. Irish Molly O'
  14. Too Ra Loo Ra (Irish Lullaby)
  15. Did Your Mother Come From Ireland
Great Irish Karaoke song CD with various artists.
  1. A Better Man - - Brian Kennedy
  2. A Bunch Of Thyme - - Foster & Allen
  3. All Kinds Of Everything - - Dana
  4. Danny Boy - - Daniel O'Donnell
  5. From Clare To Here - - Nanci Griffith
  6. Isle Of Innisfree - - Daniel O'Donnell
  7. Love Me - - Frances Black
  8. Maggie - - Foster & Allen
  9. Mountains Of Mourne - - Irish Mist
  10. Only A Woman's Heart - - Eleanor Mcevoy
  11. Song For Ireland - - De Danann With Mary Black
  12. The Town I Loved So Well - - Phil Coulter
  13. What Colour Is The Wind - - Charlie Landsborough
  14. What’s Another Year - - Johnny Logan
  15. When You Were Sweet Sixteen - - Fureys & Davey Arthur
  16. After All These Years - - Foster & Allen
  17. I Believe - - Bachelors
  18. Charmaine - - Bachelors
  19. Diane - - Bachelors
  20. Ramona - - Bachelors
This wonderful collection of Songs from Ireland may at first confuse some who believe Ireland produces only Folk or Pub Songs. Many Pop and Rock Singers at the top of the charts have their roots in Ireland and in addiition to Traditional, Folk and Patriotic Songs. This 3 CDG Pack - ZSH005, contains many songs familiar to Pop music lovers around the world. From Westlife's "You Raise Me Up" to the Dubliners' "Black Velvet Band" there is something for everyone in this 50 song Karaoke Disc Boxed set.
You Save: $9.96 (20%)
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